Tanning In A Chair

When it comes to tanning many people want to go for the natural tanning under the bright summer sun around this time of the year. We just had the summer solstice where the northern hemisphere has more daylight than any other day for the entire year. Of course conversely the southern hemisphere has the shortest amount of daylight of any day of the year. As an aside to read more about why this is the case check out how many days in a year where you can find some fun and interesting stuff about the science behind why we can tan naturally outdoors when we can.

When it comes to laying under the sun everyone must be careful regardless of what sort of base you built up during the spring. It's important to remember that being in the sun is like being in a tanning bed from the perspective that you have to watch how much time you spend in it and regulate that amount of time so that you feel comfortable gradually ratcheting it up over time but always keeping it within a safe limit. For many people who are constrained by urban setting they don't always have a convenient pool to lay beside or sprawling lawn chairs in their backyard that can lay flat and instead have to rely on chairs on their balconies or other confined city dwelling locations. Whether you're using a sophisticated sitting apparatus, a cheap piece of patio furniture or a Vanderbilt University chair (or whatever other college is your alma mater and near and dear to your heart) the key is to apply appropriate amounts of sunscreen to the specific areas that are most often neglected.

Among the many areas that are commonly missed are:

  • Tops of the feet
  • Swimsuit waistband,
  • Upper Thighs
  • Back of hands
  • Parts of the face or neck
  • Armpits
  • Calves/back of legs depending on positions
Hopefully as summer continues and more and more people are getting their Vitamin E naturally from the sun people will continue to use caution to avoid both painful short and life threatening long term skin issues resulting from overexposure to the sun.


Opening a Tanning Salon

The process of opening a tanning salon can be very overwhelming if you don't know where to start. As you'll learn in this article the process for starting a tanning business is not unlike the process of starting most small businesses. The simple truth is that in order for the business to be successful the numbers have to work. Many skeptics will be quick to point out which businesses do and do not work out. You'll probably find once you dig a bit deeper that these critics almost never have businesses of their own and are merely spouting advice from at best a purely academic standpoint with no regard for actual life experience that play a huge role in the success rate for any business. Blindly quoting batting averages for business success for various industries is a lot like simply stating life expectancy for human beings. Anyone can look at a chart and simply recite that "most restaurants fail" or that "white males live x amount of years." The quality of advice and statistics are housed in the intelligence of the individuals who are interpreting the data in order to give an audience a greater more in depth understanding of what the data means. Proper interpretation of statistical analysis is in part dependent on the relative background of the individual doing the analysis. Perhaps the biggest mistake that most people make when being bombarding with a statistical argument is that they do not ask the proper questions that will enable them to best understand the information being presented to them. It is seldom the case the information is as simple as black or white.

Near the end of 2009 the United States congress suggested that a tanning tax should be included in legislation regarding how some sectors of health care reform will be financed. Part of the issue is that there have long been sin taxes on some products commonly held to be detrimental to health like tobacco and alcohol. The latest attempt to raise money through taxation while hiding behind a facade that all congress wants to do is better our lives is the tan tax that is no being discuses in the same vein that the previously mentioned sin taxes are also talked about. The truth of the matter is that in determining which industries getting struck with sin taxes and which avoid the problem is largely a matter of lobbying. Lobbyist control a lot of things in Washington DC and which sectors of the economy are subject to borderline unconstitutional excessive taxation and which are exempt is yet another area that the massive amount of money behind lobbyist controls. If you're considering opening a tanning salon recent legislation as well as local and federal laws are certainly something to pay close attention to. These points are especially valid in a time when the laws of the land are constantly in flux.

While running a tanning salon there are many issues that can confront an owner or manager. Specifically there are issues for which customers will be less than happy about. Combating issues like tanning wrinkles before they come up is a major source of knowledge for a competent business person. It is very important to address issues head on so that they do not become larger problems later on. When it is already too late to properly use preventative foresight to eliminate a problem before it occurs the best strategy is to find the most efficient way to possible to cover up and correct the problems both figuratively and literally. One common literal way to correct tanning mishaps is to use acne cover creams whenever necessary. It is widely understood that different people have various susceptibility to acne outbreaks. There are tanning aspects that lend themselves to acne breakouts that can require cover creams. Among the issues are the fact that when tanning with methods other than tanning spray or sunless tanning lotion sweating is induced (even when tanning indoors with state of the art tanning beds). Another way acne can be an issue for customers is if they have an especially adverse reaction to a sunless tanning lotion. All of these issues are things to keep in mind before opening a tanning salon.

If you're someone that merely likes to get tan by tanning then don't let your love affair with having a bronzed look interfere with your business decisions. Anyone contemplating opening a tanning salon needs to look long and hard at the numbers to see if the business plan makes sense even when put through aggressive stress tests that assume numerous worst case scenarios. If you have in fact done your homework and have confidence in your business plan then it is probably time to pursue financing from a lender. A lender will underwrite your loan application and help scrub your numbers. This vetting process should actually be a learning tool as it will help you take a serious detailed look at the viability of opening a tanning salon.