Acne Cover Creams

The manner in which an individual's skin reacts to the soon varies greatly. When exposed to the sun some people sprout freckles across their face while other people seem to skip the tan coloring altogether and go straight from a pasty white to a tomato red. Among the many consequences that tanning can cause is acne flareups in a small percentage of individuals. While their are many positive effects of moderate sun exposure (most notably natural creation of Vitamin D) one of the negative effects of tanning can be acne issues.

Acne problems resulting from tanning can actually occur with two very different tanning methods and in both instances the solution as to how to minimize the chance of an acne breakout is relatively simple. Let's begin by discussing traditional tanning that involves laying out in the sun. While the sun light itself can cause strange skin reactions in a very small percentage of people the primary culprit for acne issues resulting from laying out in the sun can be blamed on perspiration. People are going to sweet when laying out on a hot Summer's day and the best thing they can do is to keep the sweat from seeping deep into their pores. Perhaps the biggest mistake made in this situation is to consistently wipe the sweat off with the same towel. After the first wiping of the face each subsequent swipe puts old sweat back onto the face - the last place you want it to be.

Keep in mind that acne breakouts are of course not just limited to the face. The chest, back, and shoulders are all targets as well. The problem of pimples showing up on the back and shoulders is compounding by the fact that those areas are exposed when tanning and can consequently create some embarrassing moments when someone wants to lay out in the sun in their swimsuit but feels self-conscious because of acne issues on their shoulder, back, chest, etc. While the temporary solution may be acne cover creams the long term solution is to put more emphasis on keeping perspiration from building up anywhere on your skin where it can seep into your pores and cause some damage.

Acne outbreaks even occur with sunless tanning lotions when the chemical properties don't agree with your skin. It's important to be mindful of the active ingredients if you know of something specific that reacts adversely to your skin. Keep in mind that sunless tanning is almost always safer than traditional tanning methods and that even though one particular brand of tanning lotion caused an acne breakout does not mean that trying other brands is out of the question. Once you find one that works stick with it.